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Live At Jazz Festival Willisau 2023 First Visit

WHO Trio
About this album

“We are in the business of transformation, applying our knowledge of improvising together for twenty-five years, interwoven with our resonance with these melodies and forms. We have found our collective way with honouring what these pieces express to us, through our personal language, comments Gerry Hemingway.” He agrees that there's a concept of authenticity”. “The feeling of swing is our own, but shaped by the pieces we are playing”. Authenticity is acquired through assimilating traditions, and one of the traditions is finding one’s personal way of sounding, of swinging, of conversing with each other.” The result is one of the finest, and most unusual, of Ellington tributes. – Andy Hamilton

June 12, 2024


1. Reimagination #1 / Mood Indigo 05:57 2. Reimagination #2 / The Mooche 06:37 3. Reimagination #3 / Birmingham Breakdown 05:06 4. Reimagination #4 / Self Portrait of the Bean 11:54 5. Interlude 02:59 6. Wig Wise / Reimagination #5 06:23 7. Angelica / Reimagination #6 04:56 8. Fleurette Africaine 06:59 9. Reimagination #7 / Black and Tan Fantasy 05:32

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