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Nephlokokkygia 1992

Hans Koch & Paul Lovens
About this album

Hans Koch - clarinet & bass clarinet, tenor- & soprano-saxophones Paul Lovens - drumset, cymbals, gongs and musical saw „CloudCuckooLand“ documents in an impressive way that the creation of a new world is connected with confrontation and friction. It is only when two apparently different characters, who challenge each other to the utmost, are brought together that those energies are released which ultimately lead to utopian salvation. Paul Lovens and Hans Koch turn out to be a congenial team precisely because of their differences. (Rudolf Amstutz)

December 10, 2023


1. In Sofia 10:38 2. In Warna 14:53 3. In Russe 07:42 4. In Plovdiv 07:34

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