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Things in Between

Judith Wegmann/M.Debacker/L.Briner/N.Wolf
About this album

Judith Wegmann - piano Marlies Debacker - piano Lukas Briner - drums on 1, 3, 5, 7 Nicolas Wolf - drums on 1, 3, 5, 7 This album features the relatively unusual quartet line-up of two pianists and two percussionists. Equally unusual, though less so than it once was: the leader on this date, pianist Judith Wegmann, is equally at home in improvisation and composed music. She's a composer, and an interpreter of composed music – her recording of Morton Feldman's Triadic Memories and For John Cage appeared recently on this label. But she's also a free improviser who draws on the tradition of jazz and improvisation. About the present quartet, she writes that "All four of us are primarily free improvising musicians. But when we play, everyone quickly has a concept in mind, which we then turn into a work. I hear from the first sound that is played where I want to go. When we rehearse, we are sure to try a few things that we might want to come back to later. But first and foremost, we play from the moment and compose in the moment." So this music stands closer to the improvised end of the performance-spectrum, though there are aspects of planning associated with paper composition. (Andy Hamilton)

June 30, 2023


1. 4 Art-1 07:00 2. 2 Art-1 10:32 3. 4 Art-2 04:13 4. 2 Art-2 17:08 5. 4 Art-3 07:57 6. 2 Art-3 08:40 7. 4 Art-4 05:20

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