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Extended II - For Strings & Piano

Daniel Studer
About this album

Daniel Studer - compositions, double bass Harald Kimmig - violin Frantz Loriot - viola Alfred Zimmerlin - violoncello Philip Zoubek - piano Extended II seems to me to illustrate the same point as its predecessor. These are men at work. The work is sound, as projected in three dimensions and across time. The composition is the realisation of that process of work. Old philosophers used to refer to reality – the solid bricks-and-mortar and fellow-beings that surrounded us – as “the extended world” or as “extensions”, and that applies to the music you are holding. It extends because it exists in space and time, and it also extends, in the other sense, what we believe music to be. (Brian Morton)

December 18, 2023


1. Part 1 / Stereo mix 07:57 2. Part 2 / Stereo mix 06:24 3. Part 3 / Stereo mix 21:48 4. Part 1 / Binaural mix (for headphones) 07:58 5. Part 2 / Binaural mix (for headphones) 06:24 6. Part 3 / Binaural mix (for headphones) 21:48

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