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Prophecy - Revisited

Albert Ayler Trio
About this album

Albert Ayler - tenor saxophone Gary Peackock - double bass Sunny Murray - drums June of 1964 found Ayler on the verge of what was arguably the most productive phase of his journey, molding the motifs that would make up a substantial portion of his repertoire, pushing and pulling them, taffy-like, seeing how far he could possibly stretch the music while retaining its essential, spiritual core. (Brian Olewnick, July 2019) These tracks are receiving the authorized release by permission of the Estate of Albert Ayler, represented by Desiree Ayler-Fellows.

June 3, 2023


1. Spirits 07:30 2. Wizard 08:22 3. Ghost 1st Variation 10:53 4. Prophecy 06:42 5. Ghost 2nd Variation 07:05 6. Saints 10:15 7. Ghosts 10:11 8. Wizard 06:14 9. Children 08:46 10. Spirits (theme) 00:32

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