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Europ. Rec. Autumn 1964 - Revisited

Albert Ayler & Don Cherry
About this album

Albert and Don were two children set adrift in an unhearing world. They found one another and in these remarkable performances, made in a radio studio and a famous club, they simply allowed their selves to be enacted in music. What we hear is that sense of hereness... Albert and Don (and how touching that Cherry echoed his brother’s name and instrument) don’t fit easily into the progressive or (r)evolutionary models of jazz history. However you draw the lines, they seem to be outliers. That, of course, was their genius, and it suffuses everything you will hear on this album. (Brian Morton) Albert Ayler - tenor saxophone Don Cherry - cornet Gary Peacock - double bass Sunny Murray - drums #1-6 Hilversum Recording for VARA Radio #7-9 Copenhagen, recorded for Danish Radio #10-15 Live at Club Montmartre, Copenhagen

May 5, 2023


1. Angels 06:56 2. C.A.C. 05:00 3. Ghosts 07:29 4. Infant Happiness 06:06 5. Spirits 09:10 6. No Name 05:42 7. Vibrations 07:41 8. Saints 07:03 9. No Name 04:42 10. Spirits 08:45 11. Vibrations 08:14 12. Saints 08:59 13. Mothers 07:41 14. Children 08:38 15. Spirits 01:18

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