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La Cave Live Cleveland 1966 - Revisited

Albert Ayler
About this album

A new Albert Ayler recording is something of an event because it adds to a relatively thin discography. Almost unknown was the series of tapes made in April 1966 at a club called La Cave. It was all the more significant because it was located in Albert Ayler’s home town of Cleveland. Half a century after he left us, we are still catching up with Albert Ayler and still coming to terms with his unique synthesis of the traditional and the avant-garde. This is another important document in that belated journey of discoveries and is some of his emotionally freest playing. (Brian Morton) Albert Ayler - tenor saxophone Donald Ayler - trumpet Frank Wright - tenor saxophone, on tracks #1 - 9 Michel Samson - violin Mutawef A. Shaheed as Clyde Shy - double bass Ronald Shannon Jackson - drums credits

April 19, 2023


1. Spirits Rejoice 06:23 2. Prophet / Ghosts / Spiritual Bells 14:21 3. Our Prayer / Spirits Rejoice 09:36 4. Untitled / Truth Is Marching In 15:34 5. Spirits 09:07 6. Zion Hill 12:43 7. Spirits 07:00 8. Spiritual Bells 03:47 9. Untitled (F# tune) 09:06 10. Spirits Rejoice 04:33 11. D.C. 05:41 12. Untitled (minor waltz) 06:49 13. Our Prayer 06:30 14. Untitled (F# tune) 15:13 15. Ghosts 06:17

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