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Quartet To At Judson Hall - Revisited

Noah Howard
About this album

By 1966, the first wave of free jazz had established the foundation upon which this radically generated music could be understood and personalized, shared as a communal activity and still invested with significant singular characteristics. Noah Howard and his bandmates represented a second generation, as creative attitudes were expanding. (Art Lange) Line Up tracks #1-4 (Quartet): Noah Howard - alto saxophone Ric Colbeck - trumpet Scotty Holt - double bass Dave Grant - percussion Line Up tracks #5 & 6 (At Judson Hall): Noah Howard - alto saxophone Ric Colbeck - trumpet Dave Burrell - piano Catherine Norris - cello Norris "Sirone" Jones - double bass Bobby Kapp - percussion

November 23, 2023


1. Henry's Street 07:23 2. Apotheosis 06:54 3. Apotheosis Extension I 08:18 4. And About Love 07:05 5. This Place Called Earth 18:36 6. Hommage To Coltrane 18:10

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