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More Lost Performance - Revisited

Albert Ayler
About this album

The almost five year span bookended in this particular Albert Ayler revisitation marks, in a certain sense, the beginning and end points of the most lasting and creative portion of his remarkable, though sadly brief, career. (Brian Olewnick) Tracks #1-3: Live Newport Festival, Rhode Island, June 30 / July 1, 1967 Albert Ayler - tenor saxophone, alto & soprano saxophone (on #1), vocal (on #2) Don Ayler - trumpet Michel Samson - violin Bill Folwell - double bass Milford Graves - drums Track #4: Live John Coltrane Funeral, St. Peter's Lutheran Church, New York City, July 1967 Albert Ayler - tenor saxophone Don Ayler - trumpet Richard Davis - double bass Milford Graves - drums Track #5: Albert Ayler with The Cecil Taylor Trio, Live Copenhagen, Denmark, November 16, 1962 Cecil Taylor - piano Jimmy Lyons - alto saxophone Albert Ayler - tenor saxophone Sunny Murray - drums

December 17, 2023


1. Our Prayer 07:37 2. Japan (traditional) Universal Indians 05:40 3. Truth Is Marching In / Omega 08:57 4. Love Cry / Truth Is Marching In / Our Prayer 06:24 5. Four 21:27

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