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Sergio Armaroli
About this album

The Quartet Prismo is the continuation of the collaboration of Sergio Armaroli and Fritz Hauser with an extended circle of musicians. Sergio has proposed his wife Francesca Gemmo, I proposed my esteemed colleague Martina Brodbeck. Apart from Structuring the Silence, we recorded combinations of instruments put together by lot. Without time limit, without formal requirements, without rules. Pure improvisation. Together we selected the tracks to be included on the album and it turned out that the pieces, similar to a prism, made the different instrumental languages light up in different versions. (Fritz Hauser) Sergio Armaroli - vibraphone Martina Brodbeck - cello Francesca Gemmo - piano Fritz Hauser - drums, percussion

May 5, 2023


1. Quartetto Cinque 03:39 2. Trio Due 05:02 3. Trio Uno 03:39 4. Duo Sette 01:40 5. Duo Cinque 02:10 6. Duo Due 03:28 7. Quartetto Quattro 02:02 8. Structuring The Silence Extended 30:13 9. Duo Quattro 03:40 10. Quartetto Tre 04:37 11. Quartetto Sei 07:53

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