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At Slugs' Saloon 1966 - Revisited

Albert Ayler
About this album

If you buy the whole Digital Album you will get the booklet (as PDF-file) including liner notes as bonus. Dear customers: in several countries Bandcamp has to add local taxes (VAT, MWSt) to the price above. Albert Ayler - tenor saxophone Donald Ayler - trumpet Michel Samson - violin Lewis Worrell - double bass Ronald Shannon Jackson- drums Among the jazz innovators, Albert Ayler is still considered a solitary figure to this day. From 1964 on he pursued his vision with firm determination. Like no other artist he used well-known melodies from military, marching, blues, gospel and minstrel show music as a starting point, and from these biographical earworm references he set out with the greatest expressiveness into an unconditionality that caused productive disturbance, which his music still does. On the one hand, there are catchy themes, persistently presented in the Slugs’ concert as well. On the other hand, they are taken apart by the physical force and ecstasy of the attacks that follow. Even though expressive solos emerge, Ayler’s music is a truly collaborative creation. His adherence to trivial themes symbolises the painful process of sepa- ration, of being at the mercy of a country struggling with catastrophes, of being thrown into this world of modern man. (Ulrich Steinmetzger)

September 30, 2023


1. Truth Is Marching In 10:07 2. ur Prayer 12:09 3. Bells 18:00 4. Ghost 23:04 5. Initiation 16:32

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