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Meta Zero

Samir Böhringer Quartet
About this album

Dave Gisler - guitar, electronics Rafael Schilt - tenor saxophone Raphael Walser - double bass, electronics Samir Boehringer - drums Meta Zero’s music is art from the here and now ‒ and not made to portray the neoliberal drivel but to create a meta world and invite people to explore it. Here they see a function of art in an increasingly fragmented society: to create plausible images for environments and circumstances we live in rather than playing up to the audience. Today’s communication patterns are a test of one’s patience. If you want to do something about it, you can only convince with conviction. If you only pretend to be authentic, the audience’s attention crumbles immediately. This band is on its way to formulate its response. (Ulrich Steinmetzger)

December 16, 2023


1. Magnetfeld 02:24 2. Adam Shaq 04:52 3. River Down 05:17 4. Albatross 07:26 5. Homunkulus 03:54 6. Fraktal 03:02 7. Scheinriese 05:47 8. Serious Game 03:19 9. Perpetuum Mobile 05:50 10. A Sunset Over A Windy Field 02:40

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