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Live At Cafe Oto

Christoph Gallio, Dominic Lash & Mark Sanders
About this album

Christoph Gallio - alto, soprano & c-melody saxophone Dominic Lash - double bass Mark Sanders - drums & percussion I've been listening to Christoph Gallio and the various incarnations of DAY & TAXI for over three decades – almost since its inception. On this album, however, the Swiss saxophonist makes a debut with a different trio, featuring British improvisers Dominic Lash and Mark Sanders. The result is pungent, powerful music on the cusp of free jazz and free improv – a dichotomy that helps define Gallio's work, though he also composes. Listening to this wonderful album invites re-consideration of the rhythmic complexities and subtleties of free jazz, which may now be in a "common practice" era after nearly sixty years of development. (Andy Hamilton) All titles composed by Christoph Gallio (SUISA), Dominic Lash (PRS), Mark Sanders (PRS)

January 26, 2024


1. Wildlife - Part 1 10:57 2. Wildlife - Part 2 11:03 3. Wildlife - Part 3 15:10 4. Homelife - Part 1 11:16 5. Homelife - Part 2 10:49

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