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Anthony Braxton, Solo Bern 1984, First Visit

Anthony Braxton
About this album

FIRST VISIT ARCHIVE OFFERS PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED RECORDINGS OF HISTORIC AND MUSICAL IMPORTANCE --- In its entirety, the concert is lively and penetrating evidence of Braxton’s remarkable facility, powers of invention, and commitment to his principles at this point in time, with special emphasis on saxophone techniques energizing variables of tone color, texture, and timbre to affect separate phrases, extended lines, and sectional contrasts. (Art Lange) --- Producer’s note: I experienced over many years Anthony Braxton's different performances. His solo performance 1984 in Bern belongs into the top tier of Anthony’s best presentation of his own compositions including two works by John Coltrane, Giant Steps & Naima and two standards, Alone Together & I Remember You. (Werner X. Uehlinger)

May 21, 2024


1. Composition 99B 04:21 2. Composition 77H 04:21 3. Alone Together (m: Arthur Schwartz) 04:36 4. Composition 170C 02:44 5. Composition 99Q 04:18 6. Composition 118F 03:39 7. Giant Steps (m. John Coltrane) 04:19 8. Composition 26B 05:02 9. Composition 77G 04:16 10. Composition 106R 03:12 11. Composition 106J 03:34 12. Composition 118Q 03:55 13. Composition 77D 03:01 14. Composition 118A 04:12 15. Naima (m: John Coltrane) 02:30 16. I Remember You (m: Victor Schertzinger) 02:59

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