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Lost Performances 1966 - Revsited

Albert Ayler
About this album

If you buy the whole Digital Album you will get the booklet (as PDF-file) including liner notes as bonus. Dear customers: in several countries Bandcamp has to add local taxes (VAT, MWSt) to the price above. Albert Ayler - tenor saxophone Don Ayler - trumpet Michel Samson - violin William Folwell - double bass Beaver Harris - drums Albert Ayler’s late 1966 tour of northern Europe was, happily, well documented in one way or another, though not always with the best sound quality, something this reissue series is attempting to address (and doing very well). The recording at hand includes 3 tracks from a film session in Munich, concerts from Rotterdam and Helsinki. (Brian Olewnick)

November 14, 2023


1. Ghosts (Munich Studio Production) 02:51 2. Our Prayer (Munich Studio Production) 04:01 3. Infinite Spirit (Munich Studio Production) 03:19 4. Truth Is Marching In (Rotterdam concert) 10:23 5. Prophet (Rotterdam concert) 05:00 6. Bells / Infinite Spirit (Rotterdam concert) 10:28 7. Change Has Come (Rotterdam concert) 06:41 8. Truth Is Marching In (Helsinki concert) 10:30 9. Divine Peace Maker (Helsinki concert) 06:05 10. Infinite Spirit (Helsinki concert) 05:19 11. Prophet (Helsinki concert) 05:24 12. Our Prayer (Helsinki concert) 04:42

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