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Paul Lovens & Florian Stoffner
About this album

Paul Lovens - drumset, cymbals, gongs Florian Stoffner - electrified guitar It is surely significant that both Lovens and Stoffner use all four limbs to control their instrument. Lower limbs used principally to play bass drum and hi-hat in the case of Lovens, volume control and effects pedal for Stoffner. Right and left limbs, right and left brain hemispheres It is not surprising that there is plenty going on in their music. “Whatever happened to the Art of the Individual?!” Han Bennink once asked rhetorically to a crowded backstage. Well here it is, alive and well and on stage for 35 minutes in Ljubljana. Time travel for those who were not there but are there now. (Evan Parker)

December 15, 2023


1. Tetratne 1 14:59 2. Tetratne 2 05:45 3. Tetratne 3 09:23 4. Tetratne 4 04:12

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