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Make That Flight

François Houle & Marco von Orelli
About this album

François Houle - clarinet Marco von Orelli - cornet Even a cursory revisiting of Houle and von Orelli’s previous recordings confirms that the stark forum afforded by a horn duo strips their music to its essentials, their shared ability to make unorthodox forms and materials sing and dance being the most salient. Fresh, distanced, and potentially transformative perspectives abound on this album, and not just about the music of any other artist; but, more importantly, the tug and pull between the continuity represented by tradition and eruptive revolutionary impulses. Tomorrow remains the question. François Houle and Marco von Orelli may not have definitive answers, but they put forward intriguing terms for ongoing dialogue. (Bill Shoemaker)

September 13, 2023


1. Fake News 05:51 2. For F. 01:33 3. Strada Monte Verità 02:51 4. Essay 06:34 5. Tandem 05:08 6. Zipline 03:15 7. Mr. B. 01:27 8. The Changeable Triptych 02:52 9. Soliloquy 01:26 10. Make That Flight 04:15 11. Morning Song 1 08:03

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