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François Houle & Jor Sorbara
About this album

François Houle - clarinet Joe Sorbara - drums, table percussion, back porch piano guts The music on Hush was entirely improvised, stimulating the creative impulses of activity and aim. The notion of creative activity brings us to instrumental technique. The common view of technique is the ability to do something you already intend to do – but what if you use technique as a tool for discovery? (Art Lange)

October 27, 2023


1. Knocked Ambulations 04:08 2. Coded Whisper 04:13 3. Stool Pigeon 04:10 4. Parallelepiped 04:10 5. Travelling By Foot 04:20 6. Unwreste 03:57 7. What Next? 04:02 8. Hold Your Peace 04:06 9. Montgolfière 04:02 10. A Veil Drawn Over 04:09

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