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Nothing Is… Completed & Revisited

Sun Ra Arkestra
About this album

If you buy the whole Digital Album you will get the booklet (as PDF-file) including liner notes as bonus. Dear customers: in several countries Bandcamp has to add local taxes (VAT, MWSt) to the price above. Sun Ra - piano Marshall Allen - alto saxophone John Gilmore - tenor saxophone Pat Patrick - baritone saxophone Robert Cummings - baritone clarinet Ali Hassan - trombone Teddy Nance - trombone Carl Nimrod - sun horn & gong Ronnie Boykins - double bass & tuba James Jackson - log drum & flute Clifford Jarvis - drums Attempts to dismiss Sun Ra as an “outsider” artist, an eccentric who made strange claims, are always own goals. Of course he was an outsider. That was precisely his point. And not just an outsider. He came from so far away we could not imagine it. But he also came from right inside American culture and was deeply shaped by it. There is perhaps no more representative an American artist of the modern period. If the Saturn V rocket was the symbol one kind of hegemony, governed by the dollar and the slide rule, the Arkestra was its joyous, subversive retort. Next stop for NASA seems to be Mars, but he got there first. (Brian Morton)

April 13, 2023


1. Sun Ra And His Band From Outer Space 11:18 2. The Shadow World 04:30 3. Theme Of The Stargazers 01:48 4. Outer Spaceways Incorporated 00:32 5. Next Stop Mars 00:34 6. Dancing Shadows 09:45 7. Imagination 00:41 8. Second Stop Is Jupiter 01:12 9. Exotic Forest 09:44 10. Velvet 07:20 11. Outer Nothingness 15:44 12. We Travel The Spaceways 01:34

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