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Draw Form The Source

Marco von Orelli & Sheldon Suter
About this album

Marco von Orelli - trumpet, cornet, prepared slidetrumpet, little bells Sheldon Suter - drums, cymbals, prepared zithers, gong, singing bowls In its sum, Draw From The Source recounts a multidimensional journey whose sources and paths constantly cross. Marco von Orelli and Sheldon Suter reveal a lot about themselves, about their individual idiosyncrasies and about their common feelings in this performance carried by finest lyricism. But behind this journey from the north to the south, from urban stagnation to Mediterranean lightness, there is also a call for us to reflect on the true nature of our existance in a changing world. (Rudolf Amstutz) All compositions by Marco von Orelli / Sheldon Suter

November 8, 2023


1. Last Chant Of The Roast Steam Boat 04:43 2. New Move 03:36 3. Old Working Machines 03:28 4. Mice In The Tube 02:15 5. Slow Travel 05:16 6. To The South 06:29 7. The End Is The New Beginning 01:35 8. South View 03:07 9. Flavour Of Honey 01:50 10. Remembering Of The Ritual Dance 05:46 11. Source 01:46 12. Chapel 03:47 13. From The North 07:43 14. Transformation 13:19

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