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'Round About Midnight At The Café Bohemia To Matador

Kenny Dorham
About this album

Kenny Dorham trumpet J.R.Monterose tenor saxophone Kenny Burrell guitar Bobby Timmons piano Sam Jones double bass Arthur Edgehill drums Kenny Dorham trumpet Jackie McLean alto saxophone Bobby Timmons piano Teddy Smith double bass J.C.Moses drums --- Kenny Dorham died young enough to leave us wondering what might have been. We'll never know, but that doesn’t mean we should lightly set him aside as a minor figure. He created a substantial body of fine music, thought deeply about his art and subtly rethought and repositioned every piece of music that came his way. Think of him as a photographer changing the lighting and thus transforming the picture. Sure, he's "underrated", but that's easily rectified: just listen to him. – Brian Morton

April 25, 2024


1. Monaco 6:31 2. 'Round About Midnight 7:44 3. Mexico City 5:55 4. A Night In Tunisia 9:32 5. Autumn In New York 4:30 6. Hill's Edge 8:15 7. El Matador 5:48 8. Melanie - Part 1 to 3 11:33 9. Smile 4:59 10. Beautiful Love 5:10 11. Prelude 4:45 12. There Goes My Heart 5:11

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