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Samuel Leipold,Jürg Bucher & Luca Lo Bianco
About this album

Samuel Leipold - guitar Jürg Bucher - clarinet Luca Lo Bianco - double bass The music on this CD is an impressive document of such a search for meaning and artistic legitimacy. It doesn’t want to add something even louder to the supposedly spectacular. On the contrary: Here, it is about the subtle intimacy and emotionality of human relationships, about breathing as one. It is about being interested in each other beyond ever new superlatives. This is where the unobtrusive authenticity of this music comes from, what makes it special and thoughtful. (Ulrich Steinmetzger) All compositons by Samuel Leipold, except indicated otherwise

November 5, 2023


1. Zoncolan 05:30 2. Harmonium 06:08 3. Brandluft 05:41 4. Afternoon (by Jimmy Giuffre) 03:50 5. Thanatos (by Luca Lo Bianco) 06:57 6. Ondulation 04:31 7. Soma 03:44 8. Another Try 02:44 9. Three Clarinet Pieces I (by Igor Stravinsky) 02:21

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