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I Dream I Was An European

Sergio Armaroli
About this album

Sergio Armaroli - vibraphone Phil Minton - voice & trumpet Giancarlo Schiaffrini - trombone Roger Turner - drums & percussion Only ghosts don’t make footfalls (another Beckett title!) that we can hear, don’t need to open and close doors to effect passage. These men (Sergio Armaroli, Phil Minton, Giancarlo Schiaffrini, Roger Turner) together are enacting over a longer duration a strong sense of life- as-lived. They are conspiring, not in the political or legal sense, but simply breathing-together. It isn’t forbiddingly abstract music. It simply enacts our various ways of living together. Take a deep breath, and enjoy. (Brian Morton)

November 14, 2023


1. Path - Divorsion 02:55 2. Bullett - Inher 11:16 3. Shot - Fingures 05:30 4. Dream I Was A Laysure 08:12 5. Flight - Irised Sea 05:44 6. Song - Langscape 04:08 7. Wing - Pseudostylic 13:46 8. I Dream I Was An Earopean 04:53 9. Future - Diasporation 06:54

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