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The Human Factor

Ensemble 5
About this album

It is a message, and you will hear it sounding firmly through the various pieces that make up The Human Factor, that tells us much about how we might live together: sharing, giving way, simple giving, lifting up, helping ... above all, listening ... (Brian Morton) --- Heinz Geisser - percussion Fridolin Blumer - double bass Reto Staub - piano Robert Morgenthaler - trombone Christopher Dell - vibraphone

April 9, 2024


1. Prelude 02:01 2. The End Of Predictability 07:09 3. Stakes Are High 05:31 4. Rebirth Of The Singular 07:15 5. Interlude 01:56 6. The Human Factor 07:28 7. All That Jazz 07:11 8. Transcience 05:37

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